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Letter to Students 2017

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 Dear Compton JHS Students, Happy New School Year’s Day! As I write you,the sun comes out, a cool breeze blows, and the garden comes into light. As I write you, this image by Brad Montague appeares on Twitter: A new day, a new school year means new beginnings for you and me. Over the summer we had time to grow and explore. Our focus evolved. Today we enter the school gates with hope “to give ourselves another try.” On this New School Year’s Day, I resolve to become more Student-Centered for both selfish and altruistic reasons. The one doing the work is doing the learning. Lectures are boring for both student and teacher. You have your entire life ahead of you. It is time to give you control of your future. Does this mean you get to do what you want in class? No. Doing what you want when you want it is not a reflection of life. Rather,student-centered means your voice is heard, valued, and strengthened. I do not want you to become a mini-Mrs. Scott.The world could no…

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