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The Importance of Bystanders

I wrote this article a few weeks ago to help me process a hateful incident. In light of Tatyana Hargrove's case and the injustice she faced, I am posting the article on my blog. I choose to stand with her. I choose to speak up for her.

While bystanders could not have helped Tatyana at that moment, we can stand with her now. You can support Tatyana tonight at the Bakersfield Liberty Bell at 6:30 pm or by donating to the GoFundMe setup for her. #justicefortatyana

* * *

On a Saturday in June, my five-year-old had hatred directed at her for the first time. That hatred was made a little less scary thanks to bystanders.

On a Saturday afternoon family grocery outing, I reminded my five-year-old daughter to move out of other people’s way. Five-year-olds like to take up space. The next thing I knew, a stranger told my daughter, “I saw what you did. Don’t do it again.”

Concerned, I apologized and turned to address my five-year-old daughter to determine what had just happened. Had my daughte…

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