Adding an Assignment to Google Classroom

Adding an Assignment to Google Classroom is easy. I say this, and yet, I have made simple mistakes, and the teachers I train have too.

I recommend using a template for each assignment. In June, I wrote about Teaching MLA Format in Google Classroom. After a month's worth of practice in the classroom, I have found that using the MLA template makes life easier, but I don't like including double-spacing on the template. Why? 1) Sometimes students have to readjust the double-spacing because it doesn't work and 2) web-based programs like Socrative (and the SBAC) do not have double-spacing. It is much easier to teach the students to hit enter twice at the end of a paragraph.

This past month, I have included essay prompts, links, and other directions in the template. Not only do I have a copy of the original file in my Google Drive (numbered liked Alice Keeler recommends), but now Google Classroom allows you to re-use previous posts.

When Adding an Assignment, many Beginning Tech teachers mess up by not changing "Students can view file" to "Make a copy for each student." I argue that Google Classroom should change the default so that all assignments are "Make a copy for each student." A teacher can always edit the assignment and add more resources (view, edit, videos, links), but if a teacher wants to add a "Make a copy for each Student" file, the entire assignment must be deleted and re-created.

Read step-by-step directions on How to Create an Assignment in Google Classroom Using an MLA Template by clicking on the previous link. The video can be viewed below.


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