Google Translate and Parent-Teacher Conferences

October is Parent-Teacher Conference time. Hopefully, these conferences are student-led or at least include the student in the process. Regardless of the method you use, conferences are important to establishing and maintaining positive relationships with parents that help students succeed in academics.

But what happens when the parent does not speak English?

Students and their parents in my area speak 44 different languages. The majority of families at my school speak Spanish, but some speak Tagalog, Arabic and Punjabi. While I can speak Spanish, I cannot meet the communication needs of all my students. A solution? Google Translate.

Although Google Translate is far from perfect, it allows teachers the opportunity to communicate with parents without a school hired translator or over-reliance on the student as a translator.

In addition to Google Translate, Remind is piloting a translation services in six different languages. Our non-English speaking parents text message too. And, like English-only parents, they too want to be involved in their student's education.

Let's tear down the barrier that separates educators from our best supporters - our students' parents. Let's use Google Translate during October Parent-Teacher Conferences! Afterall, we are working together for a common goal.


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