Feedback with Drive 20 Chrome Extension

My esteemed colleagues at the Arizona GAFE Summit would like to impress you with their fancy technology tricks; however, I understand you a little better. You don’t want cool gadgets; you want researched based tech tools that make your classroom highly effective.

Educational researcher John Hattie studied the top influences on student achievement. What works? What doesn’t work? You will notice that feedback is in the top 10 list. Feedback should be given within 24-48 hours. For single-subject teachers, the thought of giving high-quality feedback on 150 papers is overwhelming. As is the fear that students will ignore your advice.

This is where Google rescues us. We could donate 5 hours of our weekend OR we could give real-time feedback with student input!

Giving real-time feedback has always been an option with Google Classroom. Have students open the assignment via Google Classroom. Then Click About, open the class folder, and assignment folder. The real issue has been the amount of time and energy it took to open all student documents! Giving feedback must be easier than single-handily clicking on each individual student’s document! And it is! Last week Drive 20 chrome extension was released!

Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Alice Keeler Drive 20 extension. Go to the Google Drive assignment folder, click on the Drive 20 icon and watch the documents open with one click!
Isn’t that beautiful?

Do you have fewer than 20 students? More than 20 students? Change the options. Change the sort from A-Z, Z-A, or last modified to focus different students. Create folders and give real-time feedback to groups of students on different days!

To make a written comment, select a word or sentence and click the “Add a comment” icon. Ask the student if she would like the comments typed for private feedback or spoken aloud so that other students can benefit. What? Has a student not written anything in 5 minutes? Change editing to suggestion mode and nudge the student with a sentence starter.

When the essay is in its final stages, teachers will want to give specific and clear feedback regarding grammar and mechanics.  Are the students making the same errors? Take advantage of auto-correct by creating shortcuts using Tools -> Preferences! Type ros for Run-on sentence and write an explanation with includes a website or YouTube video.

Ladies and gentlemen, you did not come to the Arizona GAFE Summit to be wowed with fancy tech tricks. Rather, you came to become a more effective teacher. Real-time feedback via Google Classroom using Drive 20 and preferences shortcuts will make your classroom just that! And, that, my esteemed colleagues, is a demo slam!


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