Username and Password Badges for TK and Kindergarten

The school year has ended and my days are less hectic, at least until summer school starts. As part of my relaxation on Saturday, I decided to catch up on my blog reading when I came across Alice Keeler's 4 Year Olds Log into Google Classroom blog post about Christine Pinto's classroom.

Intrigued, I clicked on every link and video about this TK classroom. This past spring, I was a member #teamBCSD EdTech Yodas that gave 6-week 2-hour trainings to 43 teachers at three different sites across the district. We were surprised when half of the teachers who attended the training taught TK, Kindergarten, 1st or 2nd Grade. 12 attendees taught TK or Kindergarten!

Our EdTech Yoda team was astonished. Four of the six trainers taught middle school. How could we help these primary grade teachers use tech? I honestly thought the TK teachers would just use GAFE to collaborate with their colleagues.

I. Was. Wrong.

Not only can TK students log into Google by themselves, but they can create! Not just complete a mind-numbing online worksheet from expensive for-profit software companies, but colorful graphs in Sheets, "About Me" books in Slides using images, and sorting activities with shapes students create in Drawings. Please refer the before mentioned Alice Keeler blog post for templates and then watch the video with amazement as Christine gives a keynote explaining how her young students use tech to create!

Of course, I opened and copied the template "Password tool." Our primary grade teachers need resources. As the template copied into my Google Drive, my mind went into creation mode. I reviewed the logging in video and noticed that the TK student was using his thumb to read the password on a badge-sized paper. Could I create a badge like this for our TK teachers?

The fun began!

In the end, I created a 3 x 4 Google Slides with the student's username, snapshot, thumbprint-password table, and assigned Chromebook. I am a strong believer in assigning devices, so I added a Chromebook number at the bottom. Then I had multiple email conversations with Christine regarding the design and the directions. One suggestion she gave was for the teacher to take the student's picture and use it as their login profile.

Below is an image of the badge, a copy of the template, and teacher directions. Please take the design and directions AND make them better! Then share those changes with me. I have a district full of TK teachers waiting for ideas!

Username and Password Badges for TK and Kindergarten

Teacher Directions:

  1. Log into a Chromebook using the teacher’s email login and password.
  2. Open this Google Slides template.
  3. To add a picture of the TK or Kindergartner on Slide 1, go to Insert -> Image -> Snapshot.
  4. Approve all permissions if prompted.
  5. Take the TK or Kindergartner’s picture.
  6. You may resize the picture and crop into shapes as desired. To align the image, right click on image -> Center on page -> horizontally. 
  7. Type the student’s password underneath the thumbprints.
  8. Repeat Steps 3-7 for each student.
  9. If you have a larger class, right click on Slide 20 and select Duplicate. Change the number of the assigned computer as necessary.
  10. Optional: Go to File -> Print settings and preview.
  11. Optional: Change “1 slide without notes” to “Handout 2 slides per page.” The smaller size may be easier for the students to place next to the Chromebook when typing.
  12. Print on cardstock paper using the school’s colored printer.
  13. Place Badges near the Chromebook cart for students to use. 


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