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Yo soy innovadora. Sounds nice, doesn't it? On December 2, 2016, I graduated from the Google Innovator Academy in Mexico City with 24 other educators from 6 different countries. En español, nonetheless.

But my success is nothing compared to those #Mex16 educators who are the first (or second) Google Innovators for their country - Frederico from Colombia, Alberto and Martin from Peru, Valeria from Argentina, and Iñaki and Samuel from Spain. Or from Mexican educators such as Nay with her Blended Learning Project, Jonás with his Virtual Reality Project, and Israel with his technology project for Culinary students. I am fortunate to be a member of an incredible group of international innovators.

What is an innovator? An innovator is an ambassador for change. We confront problems that affect our students and find moonshot solutions that impact the world of education. We think big, start small and share everything.

After a difficult application process, each cohort attends an intensive Academy. For 2 1/2 days, we learned how to refine our proposed solutions as we created strong support teams. We also met our year-long mentors who will guide us, question us, and provide the feedback necessary to make the project successful.

This year will be challenging and exciting with the Slides Yearbook Innovator Project. Many times students cannot afford yearbooks due to high production cost. This project drastically lowers that cost and places yearbook creation in the collaborative hands of students who use a simple, free product - Google Slides. The end results are artistically-designed yearbooks that will be treasured by future generations. How do I know this is possible? Compton Jr. High is designing their yearbook in Google Apps for the third year in a row.

But the project is more than empowering yearbook students and lowering cost. I also want to empower my students who have been creating YouTube videos on their own time. At the beginning of the year, students requested that we have a Video Club where they could show off their videos. During lunch, we applaud student original work, learn how to add subtitles, and discuss how to improve the quality of their videos.

I am fortunate that these student experts have agreed to create graphic design tutorial videos in both English and Spanish in an after school club. Because we speak two languages, we will have a greater audience and impact. Then we will dream even bigger and create tools that have not been created. And, of course, we will share the process, templates, and video tutorials.

Google Yearbook Process
I may have just graduated the Google Innovator Academy, but the true work has just begun. I look forward to this year with my student experts, an international team of educators, and a personal mentor. Ya yo soy innovadora.

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