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In summer 2013, I decided that I wanted my students to blog. I also decided that if my students were going to blog, I better blog with them.

Since I use My Big Campus with my students, I wrote my blogs on that platform. I like My Big Campus because I can teach students about private vs public posts in a safe environment. I can keep my students protected by limiting their contact to their school. Then slowly, as they earn the privilege, expand that contact to the district and, later, the huge My Big Campus world community. 

This community is prefect for my junior high school students, but I am an adult educator, thirsting for knowledge. I am now ready to expand to a larger audience. I want to interact and learn from readers who follow my posts.

Below is an archive of my previous blog posts. I blogged about what my students taught me, my failures, and my successes. You may notice a growth in my teaching. You will even notice a growth in my writing.

Yes, I am a veteran teacher. I have taught at Compton JHS for 15 years; however, my ego is not dependent on my need to share my ideas. I share because I want to reflect and become better. You, my happenstance audience, are my teacher. Please read, comment, collaborate, and teach. If you do not have a My Big Campus account, please comment on this post.

As I created this table of contents, I discovered that I wrote 33 posts last year! I have categorized each of those blog posts below. Wow! I will add new posts as I write them.

August Letters to My Students

Journals and Diaries

General Teaching Reflections

Teaching Writing and Revision

Professional Development

My Big Campus

Getting to Know the Bob Squad
Shazam! Students on Center Stage
2013 MBC User Conference Content Learned and Applied

Grammar Flips*

I have stopped creating Grammar Flips not because I am against flipping my classroom, but rather because 1) I know exactly what I did wrong (students were able to mindlessly copy notes) and 2) I question the value of flipping grammar because I question how grammar should be taught. Don't get me wrong - I love grammar! I love using sentence structure to analyze literature. I love playing with phrases to create clear sentences that grab the reader. But how should it be taught? Since we eliminated double period English this year, I will explore that question later. Right now, I want to teach writing and literature.


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