Private Journal vs. Public Blog Chart

In the next few weeks I will finish with the Privacy, Paper Blogs, and Meaningful Commenting Series. Today I will take a break and repost the Private Journal vs. Public Blog Chart.

Private Journal
Public Blog
The Mama RuleYou would not share this information with your mother, father, grandmother, or noisy little brother or sister.You would have no problem with anyone in your family reading the post.
The Lincoln RuleThe writing is critical (mean, rude) of an individual. The writing names the person or gives information for other people to figure out who the person is. The writing was written to release your anger, but would cause more harm than good.If the critical writing gives constructive criticism about a situation (not a person), then by all means, help the world solve problems!
The Common Sense RuleIf the police read the information and you would be arrested - do NOT post the details publicly. Stay posted for the one exception.Regardless of who reads the information, you would not get into trouble with law enforcement. 
The Positive Google Footprint RuleIf your boss read the post and you would get fired - do NOT post publicly. This includes posts that would get your parents fired or keep you from being hired in the future. Job and college recruiters are watching!The post would not affect your job. Everything you publicly post creates a positive, powerful image of yourself even if you are using a pseudonym.

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