The One Exception

There is one exception to the rule -

Do NOT post anything in a text message, social media comment, picture,
or blog post that will get you arrested.

This exception is based on the fundamental American right to free speech and the power for social change. According to, "[free speech] enables people to obtain information from a diversity of sources, make decisions, and communicate those decisions to the government." This includes information that may come from adults who are violating the law. This includes fighting for what your soul truly believes in and accepting the potential consequences.

The first Americans to speak out while violating the law were our Founding Forefathers. Although technically not Americans in September 1774, George Washington of Virginia, John and Samuel Adams of Massachusetts, and John Jay of New York wrote their grievances against their government, the British Crown (  Two years later, 56 Founding Fathers risked treason when they signed the very public Declaration of Independence. The risk was worth the action and the consequences that resulted.

Jose Antonio Vargas risked deportation when he wrote a very public article My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant for the New York Times. He made the decision to post an article because he was "tired from running away from who [he was]." Since the 2011 outing, Vargas has publicly fought for immigration rights on his website, social media, a TED Talk, countless interviews and a film called Documented. In summer 2014, Vargas was arrested and released from custody after he flew Texas to investigate  the sudden increase of children arriving alone from Central America. Vargas and his supporters quickly used social media to promote their cause.


Because our society requires information from a diversity of sources to make important government decisions, sometimes it is ok to write a social media comment, picture or blog post that could result in your arrest. Having said this, the writer must accept the consequences that may result. Therefore, if, when you are an adult, your soul pushes you to fight for something you believe in and you are willing to risk jail (or worse), then your adult self may make the conscientious decision to make social media posts to fight for your cause.

* * *
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