SlidesYearbook Demo Slam

Yearbooks - we love them and hate them. We love them for the memories of best friends and caring teachers. We hate them for the price.

High school yearbooks can cost $75, Jr. High can cost $40, and a 51 page with small pictures Elementary yearbook can cost $15, with the money going to expensive software.

What if students could design their own 100-page full-color printable yearbook for only $8.16? They can in Google Slides.

In Slides, go to File -> Page setup. Anytime you see an arrow, it means you have more options. Select Custom size and enter 8.5 x 11 inches.

Insert pictures from a shared folder and keep the proportions as you change its size by holding the CTRL as you move the mouse up diagonally.

Freeform is the easiest design but rectangular pictures are boring!! Click on the image and a new menu appears. Click on the arrow next to the crop icon and select fun shapes and callouts,

But what about uniform pages? Use one of the templates I modified from SlidesCarnival. After you copy the template, go to File -> Import -> Select the template -> Select the page you want. Make sure to Keep original theme.

When you select the image on the template, a new menu appears. To replace the 3 x 5.5-inch image, select the image and then click Replace image.

For smaller pictures that aren’t centered the way you want, double click on the and move it over.
If you are interested in learning more, For more information on this bilingual #mex16 #googleei Project, please click here or come to Session 7: Introduction to SlidesYearbook at the Fresno #EdTechTeam Summit. I hope to see you there!


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